Many times in life we find other species may have some of the same traits that we humans exhibit. They live their life in splendor, squalor, or average conditions. How they treat life or how life treats them is as varied as the waves of the sea.

So many of us have experienced situations in our lives that is similar to that pesty , noisy, arrogant, three toed, (actually four) frequent lawn mates known as geese. Some of the similar
emotions in life’s daily living are uncanny.

The geese start nesting at the age of three. This is like unto us as they also reach maturity before this happens. It is unlike us in that some of us never grow up.

They pair together for life unless one dies. They have to teach the goblins the flight path if they are travelers.

They have the girls in that their gestation period is only twenty- five to thirty- nine days.

The male has to guard the nest for eight to ten weeks. How about this girls?

Young are usually with them for only one year. They got us again.

They can live for twenty- five years in captivity.

You can’t help but notice these characters as they give you a free lawn mowing and leave little elongated presents for you.

But you have to respond to the sharing of these flighty parents’ protection and support or the young.

We are allowed to witness true family get together and the tutor of each parent especially in their swimming lessons. One parent in front and one at the rear. I have seen as many as eight to nine goslings, only few days old, swimming in line between. They don’t care how rough the water is or if jumping off a sea wall is necessary.

It is heart wrenching a day or two later when there are only six or seven little ones swimming.
You try to justify this by saying, “This must be another group. “ But we try to not think of what could have happened over night. Next there may be five or even three. We find a special bond
with the parents as we do with our family and friends with calamity strikes.

We are concerned because we love each other. We have genuine compassion for their loss.

We apparently have less concern for our feathered friends as we do for each other but they can also break your heart.

DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH A GOOSE. Thanks to Kim for the title.


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