What Happened Today

Recovering from gall bladder removal. Tomorrow we are celebrating National pick on the porch day. We are traveling on two pontoons and by cars to play on several docks in the Sandy Creek area of the lake. We are stopping and setting up on peoples docks and porches to play our dulcimers. Hope to have […]

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A man’s man Buel may have come from under a rock, I don’t know.  He grew up caddying at the North Birmingham Golf Course and developed golf skills that would make a novice think him Tiger Woods. He garnered excellent hustling skills.  If you wanted to play cards, shuffleboard, arm wrestle, or take him on […]

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A toothless purveyor of tales   I first knew Zeke and his boys (story later about the boys) in Huntsville, Al . I had hired Zeke to paint trim on the arsenal on the endless stacked rows of metal sash on the huge office buildings lining Martin Road. Zeke had an uncanny ability to work […]

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Cecil could be pegged as one who had the ability to keep a part of any dollar he received. I probably owe Cecil for many of the successes that I had as a contractor. Cecil gave me my first opportunity to learn the Industrial and Commercial Painting Business. I worked as an estimator and later […]

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Dapper Dan   To categorize Bruce would require one to compare him to the most well dressed executive and community stalwart or to the bowery boy who had a distinct love for clothes and an unquenchable thirst for demon rum. Bruce was an accomplished mechanic in the painting trade. He also was a connoisseur of […]

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Bob During the 1960’s there remained a spattering of veterans of WWII. Bob was such . No one really got to know Bob intimately.  There was the usual interest in women, alcohol, and a bit of unusual interest in an attempt at inventions. He usually sported a small fedora cocked to one side. He usually […]

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